In VEOVEO.store we love to create fun clothes with comfortable shapes and with a high design content for children to play.

Once a year we give life to a new collection; We illustrate, design and give life to a wide variety of garments and accessories.

The care of our children is a priority, so we use the best 100% combed cotton fabrics, printed with manual methods and water-based inks, free of lead and solvents.

Our goal is to create durable garments with low environmental impact and social commitment. All this process based on the business model known as Slow Fashion.

Our environmental commitment

All VEOVEO production by 2020 will be made with 90% natural fibers and synthetic recycled fabric, that is: certified organic cotton and regenerated plastic fibers will be used from fishing nets recovered from the

seabed and recycled bottles.

All these fabrics are made by companies with low environmental impact, low water consumption, a low emanation of toxic gases in the atmosphere and with very low use of energy in their manufacture.

Our social commitment

We love working in our comfortable workshops in Mexico City and Santiago, Chile, where day by day we learning from

local manufacturers’ know-how.

All our productions are generated by 20% in our workshops and 80% in small local workshops. In this way, we have better control of

processes and quality.

Each garment is unique, made by few people and giving a fair price for it.

We believe that the textile market must change and we intend to do so.

In VEOVEO we want comfortable and responsible children with the environment and their society.

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