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Discover DE MAÍZ a unique clothing collection that you will only find at VEOVEO. We celebrate our diversity of corn with unique and iconic garments.

This capsule is crafted from organic cotton, grown in an environmentally friendly manner, contributing to reducing the negative impact on the ecosystem.

We believe in ethical and responsible production, promoting employment and the development of our community.

With DE MAÍZ you will not only be wearing a collection inspired by the rich culture of Mexico but also supporting sustainability and fair trade.

Beauty, diversity and responsibility go hand in hand.

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veoveo maiz 1  T-Shirts for Kids

To this iconic collection, the T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. Crafted with the highest quality by women from a small workshop located in the Estado de Mexico.

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Organic Cotton


Raw material

90% of the raw materials used are sourced from Mexico. We only use some imported fabrics for the production of swimsuits and raincoats


Water savings

Water saved in the making of this collection through the use of organic cotton and BCI (Better Cotton Initiative).


Made Locally

We work with three workshops in Mexico City, led by women. Setting a fair price for each of the garments produced for VEOVEO.


For all DeMaíz T-shirts, we use 100% certified, high-quality organic cotton, manufactured in Mexico.


Poncho-style raincoats

100% Polyester Fabrics with Repel Fluid-Resistant Coating.

Special seam and zipper protection to prevent leaks (water-based / Non-toxic product).


de maiz

“Somos granos de maíz de una misma mazorca. Somos una sola raíz de un mismo camino”.

Poema Otomí de Thaayrohyadi




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