Privacy Policy

     Every person visiting and using our website VEOVEO.STORE/CATERO GROUP S. DE R.L. DE C.V., having accepted the general terms and conditions, declares having read, understood and accepted all the conditions settled in our privacy policy.

You should know that in this privacy policy we refer to the treatment and use of your personal information that VEOVEO.STORE/CATERO GROUP S. DE R.L. DE C.V. will make.

VEOVEO.STORE is really concerned about the privacy of the user´s personal information. Please, do read the following privacy policy:

I – VEOVEO.STORE saves different types of personal information. This information will help us to personalize and improve our services, allowing the users to create a personal account, profile, contact details, among others.

II – VEOVEO.STORE receives and protects all the information that users provide, such as: name, e-mail, billing address, product, shipping address/es, and user´s recommended e-mails (which will be used to invite them to use the site.)

III – VEOVEO.STORE also saves information provided by third parties, such as:


– User registration data on Facebook (if he/she created an account via Facebook Connect);

– User registration for Payment:  PayPal Privacy Policy

– Registration data on  GOOGLE ( if he/she opened an account via GOOGLE service.)

– Twitter data (if he/she opened the Twitter account.)

– The user understands that it is posible that the content from these accounts can be transferred to the VEOVEO.STORE account, if he/she accepts these transmissions. The user has the right to restrict the transmission of the information from these accounts to VEOVEO. In such case, the user will not be able to register via these services or enjoy/have the right to use the services provided to users who do so.

IIII – When a user enters the website,  VEOVEO.STORE automatically receives and saves information on the servers including the user´s IP, cookies and pages the user has visited. “Cookies” are identifiers that VEOVEO.STORE sends to the user´s browser to be able to identify such browser or mobile device and which pages are visited, when and by how many people. The user may change the preferences of his/her browser or mobile device to prevent or waive the use of “cookies” but, in doing so, it can be prevented that the user may take advantage of the “website” offers or special discounts.

VEOVEO.STORE saves anonymously information about use and “surfing”.

V – VEOVEO.STORE can contact its users via e-mail or other means. If, at any time, the user doesn´t want to receive any more information via e-mail or any other means of communication, he/she must express his/her wishes in his/her account.

The user´s personal information is protected by password for privacy and security. If  the user created his/her account via Facebook, Google or Twitter, such user should revise the privacy policy of each company. The user is responsible for preventing access to his/her account or personal information when choosing appropriately a password or limiting access to his/her computer or mobile device or when closing a VEOVEO.STORE session.

VEOVEO.STORE should do everything posible to protect the user´s personal information.

VEOVEO.STORE may have links to other websites. VEOVEO.STORE is not responsible for other websites privacy policy or practices. When accessing to any other webpage, VEOVEO.STORE recommends the user to read its privacy policy.

VI – Through “My account”, the user may have access to and sometimes edit or delete contact information (name and e-mail), address list, wishlist.

In the event the user limits the passage of information to VEOVEO.STORE, he/she will not be able to maximize the services provided by the site.

VII – VEOVEO.STORE reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at any time. If changes were made, the new contract will be published on the website five days before the beginning of its validity for the purpose of notifying users. If the user wishes to retract, cancel his/her registration or will not accept the proposed modifications, he/she must communicate it by 

e-mail( In such cases and provided there are no outstanding debts, the contractual link will be dissolved and the subscription will be cancelled.

VEOVEO.STORE/CATERO GROUP S. DE R.L. DE C.V. complies with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by individuals (LFPDPPP) and its regulatory articles in all matters relating to the processing of information related to its users and/or customers. The use of any of  CATERO GROUP S. DE R.L. DE C.V. services will be considered as acceptance of the terms of this privacy policy by the user and/or customer.

The legislation of the Mexican Republic will be applied to any legal action taken against VEOVEO.STORE/CATERO GROUP S. DE R.L. DE C.V.. The solution to any disagreement is subject to the Mexican Courts of CDMX.