In VEOVEO we focus on reducing the environmental impact of our activity to leave a positive legacy on the planet. As a brand, we assume the commitment to use the best raw materials, produced with the least ecological impact. In this way, we deliver quality garments with environmental and social awareness.

      The planet’s resources are is very important. Our social sense drives us to create fair deals and a balanced and long term commercial exchange. Likewise, the most relevant thing for veoveo is that the clothes you buy today are expected to last for long periods of time.
      The fashion industry is the second most polluting worldwide and generates a lot of social inequality, so we take on the challenge of providing products that are harmonious and have a positive impact.

What can you do as a consumer?


      If you share this sensitivity with veoveo, you have to know that you can contribute a lot from yourself by incorporating habits that improve your interaction with our resources and people.
     Give your garment a second chance: remove stains with basic elements of your kitchen, such as white vinegar, baking soda and lemon. Keep in mind only wash your garments when needed and, at the time of changing, recycle or donate that you no longer use.
      We are all responsible for leaving greater awareness to our next generations. Find out and ask brands about their sustainability strategies to make your best decision.


What can we do as brand?

      We also have many opportunities to carry out best practices that entail a reduction or neutralization of the environmental impact; saving of energy resources and use of renewable energies, as well as a rational use of water. All this with social commitment.

What do we do in VEOVEO?

      We are committed to the development of the local economy where our brand is created. Our clothes are made in workshops in Mexico City and Chile, nourishing ourselves with the knowledge of the manufacturers in the region.
      Our challenge: overcome and learn all the time to be better.

      In 2020 all the production that we will carry out will be with 80% natural fibers, that is, certified organic cotton and regenerated plastic fibers will be used, from fishing nets recovered from the seabed and recycled bottles. The prints you will see in our new designs will be made with certified organic inks.

      Our commitment is to create garments with high quality and durable design, essential to build a sustainable wardrobe.

      The raw material and inks used are certified by GOTS Organic and Oeko-Tex,